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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Cannabis Law Journal, published by the Cannabis Law Report, a global information service for lawyers and business professionals.

The Cannabis Law Journal is a new and exciting quarterly online publication offering commentary and analysis of current and emerging issues arising from the legalization of Cannabis and the continued growth of the Cannabis industry, including medical and recreational marijuana and hemp.

Each quarterly issue will feature articles from lawyers, law makers, and other experts from around the world, including those who are on the frontline of cannabis law and business. Each will provide insights and thought leadership for the international legal and business community.

As we are all discovering, and especially so in the United States, the experiment of legalization has opened a Pandora’s box of issues for lawyers. Whilst marijuana continues to remain illegal under U.S. federal law, within a short time frame three US states have implemented fully regulated environments governing both medical and recreational marijuana, and nearly 70% of states have enacted, or are considering, legislation authorizing marijuana for medical use.

In Australia, for example, some believe that what is a somewhat flawed medical marijuana legislation has come into play on both a Federal and State level. (See the article penned by Loren Wiener, “Australia Cannabis Law Reform 2015 -2016 – Favoring Pharmaceuticals and Not Patients”).

It’s important to know that at the Cannabis Law Journal we don’t intend to focus only on the big players as the subject is also being debated from Bermuda to Bulgaria and back to Panama, and by small law firms and businesses as well as multinational law firms and corporations.

We look forward to bringing you a fuller picture worldwide as the various facets of the industry and market develop and legal and regulatory issues are addressed.

Whether the issues relate to production, banking, environmental impact, international trade, IP, product marketing, or the myriad other topic that are popping up, the Cannabis Law Journal will bringing you an international perspective to help you understand and analyze issues impacting your practice.

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Editor, Cannabis Law Journal

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