Author: John Worthington


In most states. the state could not just permanently set and forget drug schedules without delegating law making authority to an International Treaty, protocol or Uniform Law Commission.

How do we know this? Just look at how the states adopt International Building codes and one will see how the process is supposed to be.

International building codes are purchased then prominently and publicly displayed for public comment with finding guides for references. Interested parties then make comments and submit opposition for the rule-making body to consider. In this case the Washington State Building Code Council. The codes are then sunset after two years and the process starts all over again.


Why are the international drug codes promulgated any differently? 

The BIAW[1] has better lawyers and they do not wish to glean drug war work from a federal or in this case International hierarchy. We can blame this on the ACLU, Norml , WAPA[2], WASPC[3] and milk toast Democrats and anal Republicans.

It is they who control state government and create the two distinct methods for promulgating international codes in Washington State. Don’t listen to them when they say they are different issues or subjects. They have a conflict of interest and cannot be trusted to give the correct answer. We should not be following their leads any longer.


Ask a building attorney how International codes are promulgated. 

Look at recreational marijuana in Washington State or any other state for that matter. The cops run the show. They regulate and enforce under the same roof and control the governor’s policy office. That means work for regulators, cops and lawyers.

The BIAW is an honest lot. They will explain the process without looking at it through enforcement or plea deal colored glasses.

Nobody wants to hear the truth they just want to set up an apple cart and feed an industry. They want to believe in false White Knight saviors like the ACLU and Norml

They have fed off marijuana crimes since 1971. Enough is enough.


John Worthington

[1] Building Industry Association of Washington

[2] Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

[3] Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.


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