Welcome back, 10 issues in and over 100 articles  penned by legal professionals on the world of regulated cannabis since we first started publishing back in 2016.

We welcome all our new contributors and our continued thanks to those of you who have submitted once again.

As always it has been a busy quarter.

If there are any trends to be spotted in the regulated cannabis since we last published in June we would suggest they would be the following.

  • California finally beginning to settle into to some sort  pattern post the  1 July regulatory fracas with the BCC taking an increasingly active role moving forward.
  • The arrival of big alcohol into the market. Yes, they are investing in Canada now but it won’t be long before they start spending big in the US
  • The rise of IP in regulated cannabis
  • Oregon finally tackling over production and introducing legislation to manage the issue
  • The slow but inevitable arrival of the east coast states in the market
  • The search for reliable insurance solutions

We could plenty more but that’s enough for the quiet summer months of 2018!


Thankyou for reading and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would also like to contribute to Cannabis Law Journal or Cannabis Law Report.

Sean Hocking