Ecuadorian law firm Corral Rosales writes……..The prestigious LexLatin media publishes an article by our Partner Francisco Gallegos in which he explains the next legislative change regarding cannabis in Ecuador. On June 21, the reform will enter into force whose guiding spirit is that which is not punishable and is excluded from the list of substances subject to control, the possession or possession of products for medicinal or therapeutic use that contain the active non-psychoactive ingredient or hemp, “understood as the cannabis plant or any of its parts whose content is less than 1% dry weight of delta -9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), provided there is a diagnosis of a disease or illness that warrants its use”.

Gallegos details that, from the regulatory point of view, the National Agrarian Authority must disclose all the procedures regarding the import, cultivation, sowing, harvesting, commercialization, industrialization and even export of cannabis after this legislative change, in a time that it must not exceed 120 days. However, regulation and control over planting, cultivation and harvesting will be the responsibility of the National Health Authority.

«At the moment and based on decisions issued by the Andean Community, only cosmetic products for topical use that contain CBD are authorized to obtain health notifications, provided they are within the international lists of ingredients that may or may not be incorporated into cosmetics and their corresponding restrictions or conditions of use ”, affirms our Partner, who points out that the regulations have yet to be awaited by the competent authorities.

From the point of view of Intellectual Property, Gallegos explains that the law does not define precisely the use of the word cannabis in the registration of a trademark, but that Article 134 of Decision 486 of the Andean Community states that the nature of the product or service to which a mark is to be applied “shall in no case be an obstacle to its registration”.


Francisco Gallegos


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