Welcome to Issue 12 of the quarterly online  Cannabis Law Journal where we collect the best articles submitted to us and written by legal professionals covering the ever growing world of regulated cannabis.

When we published our first issue back in June 2016 only Oregon, Washington & Colorado had operating regulated markets with medical and adult use cannabis in play.

Now we have Canada, the world’s 5th largest economy, California, and a number of other states with regulations covering both medical and adult use.

90% of US states are operating some form of medical regime. Hemp is national with state programmes developing almost daily.

Never mind discussions in play for hemp, medical cannabis and in some cases adult use cannabis from the following jurisdictions Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, South Africa Zimbabwe,  just to name a few.

Yes there are many rivers to cross, to paraphrase Jimmy Cliff, but the speed at which the conversation has grown over the past few years surprises even the most ardent proponents of cannabis and hemp regulation.

We have now published over 200 articles since June 2016 and  20 in the current April 2019 issue alone. We hope to be able to double and triple informed articles and opinion about regulated markets for you from a professional and legal perspective as we move forward this year.

Thankyou for taking time to read Cannabis Law Journal and please do contact us if you’d like to publish with us here or in our daily online publication Cannabis Law Report.

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Sean Hocking